Live Streaming

Connecting people to your big day

Never before has the need to connect people been greater - I can provide a solution which fits discreetly into your wedding day.

Live Streaming can be added to any existing service, or can be provided as a standalone service.  Our system requires no cables or mains power and so is suitable for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.  It will stream your day directly to our secure website, Facebook page or YouTube where the viewers can interact with each other and enjoy the day with you.

As standard we provide a single camera angle which can be moved during the day to a single feed.  You also have the option to go for our premium system which uses our professional cameras and can stream up to 4k - really high quality - this also comes with an edited wedding film.

Standard coverage, 2 hours       £400

Additional hour                            £100

Premium coverage, all day         £950

Existing service discount            50%