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6 Tips for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be the most romantic, intimate, and cozy weddings of the year – if you know how to make them that way! With the right planning and plenty of forethought, your winter wedding can be memorable and special in ways no other wedding can be. Here are six tips to help you make sure your winter wedding goes off without a hitch.

1) Tiered desserts

Tiered desserts are a popular trend in wedding planning. Instead of having one wedding cake, couples use multiple layers to create unique and beautiful edible centrepieces. This trend also allows guests to enjoy more variety at your reception. Tiers can also be used to serve other desserts like cupcakes or ice cream sundae bar style! Use these decorating tips on various tiered dessert ideas! Tiered desserts are both attractive and fun for guests of all ages.

2) Tons of flowers

Flowers might not be at their most colourful or fragrant when it’s cold out, but you can still pick any variety that suits your style and colour palette. If you have access to fresh flowers, however, it’s worth shopping around for some of those special long-stem specimens that pop up in spring and summer; they’ll last longer than their cut counterparts.

3) Warm lighting and decor

If your venue has some sort of fireplaces or heaters, make sure to use them. If you’re planning on getting married outside during cold months, bring up your idea with your wedding planner before booking anything; during winter weddings, many venues simply won’t let couples out of their contracts if they cancel last minute due to cold weather. But there are some tricks that can help with these situations. For example, use candles indoors to create warmth (and romantic ambiance), and opt for fire pits and torches outdoors to keep things nice and warm. Candles and fires can also help offset any ice build-up on decorations – which is especially important if you plan on decorating trees or other evergreens outside!

4) Use white linens (if possible)

White linens can help your winter wedding from looking anything less than snowy. On top of keeping things bright and beautiful, white linens also help to reflect light around your venue, giving it that extra sparkle you’re hoping for on such a special day.

5) Keep decorations minimal and simple

While you want to create an elegant environment with candles and flowers, too many decorations may end up looking cluttered or even tacky. Choose few elements (flowers, candles, tablecloths) and apply them as simply as possible. It’s better to have too little than too much—the point is that it’s your wedding, not your florist’s. The key to elegance lies in simple sophistication.

6) Snowfall if you can!

If you’re set on a winter wedding, it’s okay to ask your guests to bundle up and don snow boots. The best part of winter weddings is they literally put everything into perspective. Winters in many parts of The UK are frosty and snowy; if you choose to get married during these months, ask your guests to plan accordingly. Suggest everyone bring their own thermos or mug with coffee or hot cocoa in case they can’t stop shivering during certain outdoor moments at your wedding ceremony. Plus, asking guests to dress warmly lets them know that you acknowledge what might be a difficult day for them: You aren’t just going along with a trendy theme—you care about comfort too!


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