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Finding your perfect wedding photographer...

So you are getting married, congratulations! and probably by now you are starting to realise 2 things - you've blown your budget and you need to book things a long way in advance!

One thing that you need to take time over and book well in advance is your photographer, but its not as simple as that...

The average spend on a photographer according to recent surveys is £1200, what you get for that varies wildly as does the amount you can pay for a photographer!

Here are my top tips for finding you perfect match.

  • Know what style of pictures you are after, do you want documentary and unposed or do you want fine art 'posed' shots?

  • What is your budget? set this at a realistic point and be careful of going too cheap.

  • Don't go cheap... there are many 'photographers' touting their services for very low prices, but ask why this is? are they reputable, can you see a good body of work, is it the style you want?

  • "My (insert friend or family member here) is going to do my photos... no, just no (unless they are a professional photographer, then result!) Your wedding day is hopefully going to be the only time you get married, do you want to entrust your memories to someone who has never shot a wedding before, on a camera they might not know how to use, and... well.. might end up at the bar all night!

  • Check you photographer is covered by public liability insurance and an indemnity policy too in case it all goes wrong. Also check if they really do have the qualifications or memberships they say they do.

  • Get a contract which clearly shows you what you are paying for, down to particular shots.

  • Meet with your photographer, ideally before paying any money - but be flexible as this may not be possible and you may need to pay a deposit to secure your date.

  • Understand that once you photographer has left, their job is not finished - it's likely that they will spend another day editing your images, and longer if you are having an album.

For more information on my wedding photography, please have a browse around my site or drop me an email -

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