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The Ultimate Wedding Photography Guide

I've compiled a checklist of all the must-have wedding shots, so make sure you print it out and discuss which shots you and your partner want on your special day.

There's only one chance to capture your wedding day and preserve it in your photo album for for posterity, so it's really important to get it right.

Spend time with your significant other discussing the images that are important to you both.

My checklist includes all the must-take wedding photos you should provide to your photographer, to ensure your wedding album is as perfect as the big day itself.

There are couples who like the idea of a special moment where they see each other before the ceremony and have some pictures together.

It's called a first look.

You don't get that moment of laying eyes on each other for the first time during the ceremony, but it can be a very intimate and private part of the day without guests watching. You can even have a first touch shoot, where you stand either side of a door and hold hands and exchange words without actually meeting each other. There have been some incredibly moving images from first touch shoots, so they're a great idea if you have time.

Group Shots

While there are drinks to be had and lots of celebrations to enjoy, you don't want to spend the day posing for endless formal shots. Think carefully about how many of these shots are essential to you.

If you're more interested in a reportage-style photograph, cut these right back and ask your photographer to focus on capturing all of the guests as they mix and mingle naturally.

Getting a few posed shots is also important, as they are wonderful for the mantelpiece and older generations, like grandparents, appreciate a nice formal portrait from the day.

This list is based on a traditional wedding setting with both sets of parents together, grandparents still present, and a bride and groom as newlyweds; please make adjustments if your parents are divorced, you have step-parents, if you have kids of your own, etc.

Don't forget to consider the location of these formal pictures. This is especially important if your ceremony venue has a gorgeous backdrop. You may want to take these pictures before you leave for the reception. Perhaps there is a local beauty spot that you would like to use as your backdrop. Talk to your photographer about the logistics of getting the perfect backdrop for these special shots.

Out of the ordinary

If you are looking for that truly unique angle, have you considered aerial photography? Using high quality cameras mounted on drones, photographers can now capture fantastic shots of you as a couple as well as your venue and group shots.

I would really like to chat with you about your wedding photography, so why not set up a free Zoom call with me by using THIS LINK.

And here is my wedding photography check list!

Download PDF • 9.70MB


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