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Wedding albums

Your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye, which is why having wedding photos you love is so important.


The cake will get eaten, flowers tossed, wedding dress dry cleaned and put in storage...but it’s the pictures of your big day that you’ll come back to time and time again.


What's the best way to relive those special moments?


Why, by compiling them all into a beautiful wedding photo album of course!


All my albums (Unless it's a super special one) are made right here in the UK by a company I have personally visited, and they are super sustainable too!

Album Cover Options

You have three different cover styles to choose from, Linen and Hessian is included as standard - but if you are looking for something special I can also supply Suede and Vintage Leather covers.

Linen Wedding Album Covers

Linen album and print box cover options

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 09.35.13.jpg

Hessian album and print box cover options

Vegan Leather album cover options

Vegan Leather album and print box cover options

Paper Options

You have three stunning paper finishes to choose from with your Premium Album, allowing even more creative freedom when designing your album.



A stunning, natural photographic finish with subtle colours and a slightly stippled texture. The Lustre option is a very versatile paper, working well with all photographic images.

Beautiful colour representation and incredibly detailed in highlights and shadow areas. Due to its lack of a sheen (unlike Gloss Papers) it makes the perfect choice for album prints as it avoids any additional glare and is less easily marked by fingerprints.

This is the standard paper used in my  Albums.



HD Maxima has been specially designed for outstanding high-end prints. The high definition precision with which your images details are reproduced is clear to see, even in the darkest, most shadow rich areas of your photo. The paper boasts the deepest blacks available on the market along with cleaner, more distinct images with a perfect, natural whiteness.

The HD Maxima also boasts the highest lifespan of any other professional photographic paper produced with a 40% increase in the longevity of the print compared to standard papers, ensuring your album will remain as beautiful in 50 years as it is today.



Velvet’s coating has a zero-reflective top layer which creates a stunningly soft and deep-matte effect whilst protecting the print from fingerprints much more than standard photographic or Fine Art papers.


This makes it perfect for albums which are likely to be handled and images that require no shine or reflections at all. This paper offers a very soft, sensual feel and touch, with deep, beautiful colour representation.


This paper turns your photos into fine art.

The Maxima and Velvet papers are available as an upgrade to your album

Wall Art & Prints

Coming soon! 

But some fantastic wall art options are on their way.

Coming Soon

Stay Tuned

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