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Introducing Prezola

A Prezola wedding gift list is the best way to get everything you need to start your newlywed adventure. Epic honeymoon funds. Stylish homeware. Slick tech. Exciting experience days. And so much more, all on one flexible gift list.

Our mission? It’s to make your gift list experience one of the most exciting and memorable parts of your wedding planning journey. Whether you’re upgrading your space, ticking off your bucket list honeymoon or anything (and everything) in between, you can add it all to your gift list with Prezola.

We promise to deliver variety and excellent service. We promise to keep your funds fully protected in a ring fenced trust account until you are ready to use or receive them. Above all we promise to be as excited about your wedding day as you are and that your experience with Prezola will be as incredible as your adventure into marriage and beyond.

We’re here for your adventure. We are obsessed with ensuring your gift list journey is as special and as friction free as possible. We are here to advise, recommend and assist from your initial registration right through to delivery.

We have a responsibility to our couples, to our colleagues and brand partners, and to the environment to consistently improve and evolve. We continually re-invest in learning, research and technology to work towards the ultimate goal of a carbon negative business model.


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