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Live Streaming... what's it all about?

Could live streaming become the new normal for the wedding industry? I take a look at the options for both venues and couples in this ever changing world.

You may have heard of live streaming, you may well have used a live streaming service to chat with friends and family such as Facetime or Zoom, but can this be a useable option for the wedding industry?

Let us talk about the terminology first. "Live Stream/ing" is the process of filming something live at one point and transmitting it to another. "Feed" is how this stream is watched, eg YouTube. "Viewers" are the number of devices connected to the feed, eg computer, tablet etc.

When we talk about streaming from our point of view, we sit between your Zoom call and broadcast media. Using our technology we can stream up to 4k video (ie really good quality!) and sound directly from a wedding venue to multiple feeds. Feeds are usually viewed via a secure website which can only be accessed via a password so access is limited to those who you want to view the feed. It is also possible to stream to multiple feeds, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo all at the same time.

The benefits of streaming to couples as we see it are that if wedding guest numbers are limited in the future, there is no limit to the number of virtual guests you can invite and so reducing your wedding cost. Your guests can still interact with other guests via a live chat facility, and those vulnerable guests who could not attend in person can still join in with you on your big day.

Looking at the statistics, there has been a massive increase in streaming to date, this is only due to increase going forward. As a venue, now is the time to discuss how live streaming fits into your business. Is it something you are confident in offering to guests in house, or is it better to seek out professional suppliers?

There are various solutions you may have already thought of to stream a wedding, from using a phone to a broadcast rig, all come with their own pros and cons.

Whilst there are very experienced videographers and photographers out there, can they provide a suitable solution? Our suggestion is to seek out a company with experience in live streaming, as the last thing you want is a poor quality stream of someones big day.

The system which we use is discreet, user friendly and high quality. We can stream up to 4k video directly to multiple feeds and from multiple angles. We can also take our cameras anywhere outdoor (as long as we have a phone signal) or indoor, we also provide an edited film of the stream.

We have options for couples and venues alike and are happy to discuss your requirements.

So please CONTACT us for more details.


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